Broken Blood Vessels

Broken Blood Vessels

Broken blood vessels, known as telangiectasias, can occur anywhere on the body.  These lesions are also commonly referred to as broken capillaries. They appear as thin red or purple clusters on the skin.

Causes of Broken Blood Vessels

Broken blood vessels can develop as sites of trauma to the skin or excessive sun exposure. A tendency to have inflammatory skin conditions, such as rosacea, may also result in broken blood vessels.

While harmless, broken blood vessels do not resolve on their own and their appearance can worsen with excessive sun exposure.

Treatment Options

The appearance of broken blood vessels can be improved with elective (cosmetic) procedures. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and/or electodessication treatments can improve the appearance of broken blood vessels. The size, body location, and severity of the broken blood vessels will determine which treatment would be more effective.

Multiple treatments may be necessary to resolve the appearance of the broken blood vessels depending on the size and severity of the broken blood vessels. These treatments may cause temporary bruising or crusting of the skin for 7-10 days. Therefore, it is recommended that these treatments be scheduled when such downtime can be tolerated.

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